Gert Mortensen

Gert Mortensen holds the position as Professor, Head of Timpani and Percussion at The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

For 25 years Gert held the position as percussionist at The Royal Danish Orchestra and became recognised as one of the leading concert percussionists in the world.
Gert Mortensen regularly delivers masterclasses all over the globe and has been an instructor in the European Union Youth Orchestra under the direction of Claudio Abbado. Gert Mortensen has also been an instructor at the National Youth Orchestra China founded in Carnegie Hall in New York 2017.
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Featured Album

I Ching: I
I Ching: II
I Ching: III
I Ching: IV.

Percussion Concerto For a Change

Gert Mortensen performs Percussion Concerto For a Change (1982) composed by the Danish composer Per Nørgård.
Percussion concerto For a Change is inspired by I Ching, also composed by Per Nørgård and recorded by Gert Mortensen.
You can listen to I Ching in the album player on this page.

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